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The Green Triangle, Feb. 2007

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The Collective: The Blog of the Green Triangle

The Green Triangle Forums: (aka, D's link dump and the Future Non-Profit Organization Private Chat Rooms)

Articles in this issue:
Envisioning a Teacher by Sandra Coomer
Real Utilitarianism by Dr. Johnson
How I Became an Atheist by Kumara Phani V
Reflections on the Uprising in France by B.P.S.
A Critique of Reflections on the Uprising in France by Marilena Rizou
My Interview with Charly Crash
My Interview with Brian Dunning
Practical Skepticism by Kylie Sturgess
A Concise History of Psychoactive Drug Use and the Pursuit of Pseudo-Enlightenment by Christopher Etter
Five Questions for Dr. Robert Price
My Interview with Kym Lambert
An Anthropological Anatomy of Religion by Siderea



My interview with Frater Sam Shult: http://www.thegreentriangle.com/Oct%2006/interview%20w%20shult.htm
The art of Leo Plaw: http://www.thegreentriangle.com/Oct%2006/Leo%20Plaw.htm
A series of articles on the aesthetics of writing in philosophy: http://www.thegreentriangle.com/philosophy.htm
Plus New Articles, Music Reviews, another chapter of Christopher Etter's book, and more

The Green Triangle
Everything is not fully fixed and ready to go. Enjoy.
The first issue of the Green Triangle is now up at http://www.thegreentriangle.com/index.htm.  Please visit and feel free to submit.

Forums are up at http://thegreentriangle.com/phpBB/login.php

The site will lauch July 1.  If you are interested in being involved, please seem submissions to either dionysuseatsyou at gmail dot com
or thegreen at thegreentriangle dot com.